Bookings Open: IFSTAL Showcase Event 2018

Bookings Open: IFSTAL Showcase Event 2018

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How do we create learning environments that skill up people to effectively respond to today’s global challenges? 

IFSTAL is unique. It brings together academic minds in food systems thinking from seven educational institutions with the workplace to create an inter-disciplinary, workplace-orientated learning experience for university students. We are creating ‘food system analysts’; building the community of future researchers, practitioners, campaigners, and advocates for change.

We see this as a model from which we can draw lessons applicable to the plethora of ‘global challenges’ we face today: health and wellbeing, sustainable cities, poverty alleviation, clean air, water, sanitation and energy systems to name a few.


Why come?

  • Learn about and experience a unique learning experiment;
  • Consider the importance of this innovative model in the future of higher education: systems-based, career-oriented, skills-focussed;
  • Join the debate on meeting the need for (and needs of) skilled employees, and intensifying workplace-university links;
  • Reflect on education-models for today’s ‘global challenges’;
  • Be inspired to consider implementing, adapting or learning from our experiences in your workplace, field or institution.

Who should attend?

  • Higher education course directors, educational technologists, career officers, education policy staff;
  • Food industry – HR managers (CPD), strategy and policy staff;
  • NGOs – HR managers (CPD), policy and strategy staff;
  • Government departments – policy and strategy staff;
  • Funders;
  • Professional and trade bodies; and
  • IFSTAL alumni

Please join us for this exciting opportunity at Oxford Town Hall, on the 12th July 2018, 10am-4pm.

Speakers include:

  • John Ingram, University of Oxford
  • Alan Hayes, IGD
  • Angela Wright, Compassion in World Farming
  • Helen Munday, Food and Drink Federation
  • Tim Lang, City, University of London
  • Lucy Foster, DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Matt Jennings, Office for Students

This showcase event will be an opportunity to share and discuss experiences of a multi-institution collaboration for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. With a focus on the food system, it will highlight IFSTAL activities over the past 3 years as a case study by:

  • Explaining the motivation for the programme – the challenges of the global food system now and in the future and need to skill up the workplace
  • Reviewing the method and learning in the programme – the development of the programme, innovative approaches to student engagement, use of the Virtual Learning Environment, and building workplace contacts
  • Demonstrating workplace pull and the value of our teaching and learning method to the workplace
  • Reflecting on the value to students and to enhance employability for students in a competitive job market
  • Celebrating the collaborative approach provided by HEFCE (now the Office for Students), partner institutions and the workplace
Click here to download the programme

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