IFSTAL is creating a workplace resource in the shape of well-informed and engaged graduates able to think critically and systemically about global food challenges.

Since the IFSTAL programme started we have continually developed links with organisations in business, government, research and civil society, and continue to expand this network. We have now built up a significant amount of experience and insight into careers in the food system and what it means to take a systems view and create change.

Drawing this together, Rosina Borrelli – IFSTAL’s Workplace Engagement Lead – has developed this guide to working in food systems. The guide is a selection of insights into the work the IFSTAL Programme is doing to address the gap in skills in this area, and provides you with tips and tools into how you can make change happen by equipping yourself with additional knowledge, skills and experience. It features many individuals who work in a specific area of the system but understand and apply their role in overall food systems change.

And if you are not already involved, we would love to hear from you!

Watch a video about IFSTAL workplace experiences
Organisations linked to IFSTAL gain from:
  • exposure to a pool of motivated and engaged students and potential employees with relevant advanced skills
  • research undertaken with them and the associated know-how of engaging universities in research
  • the potential to have input to the skills development of future workforce members; and, critically
  • being exposed to the latest food systems thinking and approaches.


How to get involved:
  • Attend periodic Stakeholder Engagement workshops and networking events
  • Run an online workshop addressing an issue in your organisation
  • Do a presentation and Q&A for the IFSTAL Portal (Virtual Learning Environment)
  • Create a short film about the issues facing your organisation
  • Run a workshop/exercise during the IFSTAL summer school
  • Create a placement opportunity
  • Offer post-graduation internships
Who to contact:

If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further please get in touch with our Workplace Engagement Lead, Rosina Borrelli: rosina.borrelli@eci.ox.ac.uk