As food demand grows, in tandem with economic growth, urbanisation and an emerging middle class, the stresses on food systems and institutions and natural resources that underpin them, grow ever greater. The need to enhance the capability of graduate students to address the challenging, societal-level issues when they enter the world of work, and for organisations to be better positioned in the fast-changing food systems landscape, is becoming increasingly clear.

IFSTALā€™s international courses are aimed at both graduate students in universities and young professionals working in public, private, civil society and non-governmental organisations.

The International team has already delivered food systems training in Ghana (two courses), Fiji, Indonesia (three courses), Uganda and Vanuatu. In 2021 we anticipate returning to both Ghana and Uganda to continue building in-country capability in foods systems thinking spanning universities and the workplace.

Find out more about IFSTAL International on the IFSTAL blog. If you are interested in partnering with IFSTAL International, please contact the IFSTAL Programme Leader John Ingram