IFSTAL is strategically managed through two key groups:

IFSTAL Programme Committee

The IFSTAL Programme Committee has at least one representative appointed by each collaborating institution. The Programme Committee meets every two months. The purpose of each meeting of the Programme Committee is to:

(a)       to facilitate collaboration between the collaborating institutions;

(b)       to discuss and plan the conduct and progress of the project; and

(c)       to be the first point for resolving any challenges or disputes between the collaborating institutions.

The meetings of the Programme Committee are chaired by the Programme Leader, Dr John Ingram.

The Programme Leader has primary day-to-day responsibility for overseeing and providing leadership for the IFSTAL programme.

IFSTAL Advisory Board

An Advisory Board has been appointed by the Programme Committee to advise the collaborating institutions on developing and implementing a strategy for delivering the programme. The Board is chaired by Dr Alisdair Wotherspoon, former Joint Head (retired), Chief Scientist Team, Food Standards Agency. The members of the Advisory Board have been nominated by the collaborating parties and approved by the Programme Committee. Members of the Advisory Board are independent, are not appointed to represent the IFSTAL Programme Committee, and are appointed having regard to the principles of equality and diversity.

The IFSTAL Advisory Board is made up of the following members:


Dr Alisdair Wotherspoon, former Joint Head (retired), Chief Scientist Team, Food Standards Agency

Collaborating Higher Education Institutions:

Caroline Sipos, Business Development Manager, School of Arts & Social Sciences and The City Law School, City, University of London.

Dr Jonathan Heron, IATL Senior Teaching Fellow, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, University of Warwick.

TBD, University of Oxford.

TBD, Royal Veterinary College.

Dr Henny Osbahr, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading.

External Members of the Advisory Board:

Andrew Bennett, President of the Tropical Agriculture Association.

Alan Hayes, Senior Sustainability Analyst, IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution).

Harley Stoddart, Policy and Research Manager in Cereals and Oilseeds at

the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

Dr Angela Wright, Head of Science and Education, Compassion in World Farming.

Helen Munday, Chief Scientific Officer, Food and Drink Federation.

Claire Spooner, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


Dr John Ingram, IFSTAL Programme Leader, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

Roger Sykes (SECRETARY) IFSTAL Food Systems Programme Manager, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.