By joining IFSTAL you become part of our lifelong Food Systems Community. There are a number of benefits of staying connected after you finish your studies including:

  • Participation in a large and diverse community of over a thousand food systems thinkers including junior and senior workplace practitioners, alumni and students.
  • Find out about relevant careers and skills development opportunities including jobs, internships, research opportunities and placements.
  • Access to IFSTAL’s online resources on the Portal.
  • Keeping in touch with your peers and friends from across the IFSTAL partner institutions.
  • Invitations to selected IFSTAL events.

Ways to stay connected:

  1. Update your email in the Portal to a personal email address so that you can continue to access it after your institutional email expires.
    • Login as usual.
    • Click on your name in the top right corner and select edit profile.
    • Go to your email address and change to your new address.
    • Scroll down and click on ‘update profile’.
    • This should then save your new email.
    • Detailed instructions can be found on the Portal.
  1. Sign up to the IFSTAL partners mailing list:
  2. Join the IFSTAL LinkedIn group.
  3. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Become an IFSTAL alumni ambassador for your institution – Contact Rosina if you are interested.

We encourage you to include IFSTAL on your CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Employers place great value on extra-curricular activities and soft skill development. If you have applied for a certificate you can add this to your profile and add a description. Suggested wording (although we encourage your own reflections):

Participated in the Innovative Food Systems and Learning (IFSTAL) Programme. Gained knowledge and understanding of food systems frameworks, systems thinking concepts and complexity. Developed skills in systems analysis, effective communications and interdisciplinary working. Expanded understanding of values and attitudes in transdisciplinarity, reconciliation and theoretical and methodological pluralism.

Contact your local Education Coordinator for further information on receiving an IFSTAL certificate.
IFSTAL Summer School 2017
Do stay in touch, we would love to hear how you are getting on and we are always happy to provide advice and guidance as required.