13 October 2021

Join IFSTAL as we launch our seventh year. This event will focus on the need to more prominently include the activities between farm and consumer (the ‘missing middle’) in food systems discussions. Four eminent speakers will share their views on how to understand and engage with this vital part of the system.

Engaging the missing middle in food system dialogues

Wednesday 13 October 2021 |17:15 – 19:00 GMT+1

Don’t miss our food system speakers

  • Professor Guy Poppy | Director, Transforming UK Food Systems for Health and Environment
  • Professor Suneetha Kadiyala | Professor of Global Nutrition, LSHTM, University of London 
  • Alan Hayes | Strategic Adviser on Sustainability 
  • Fiona Steel | Manager, Good Food Oxford 

In a fast-changing world, this is a great time to get involved in foods systems transformation. We hope you’ll join us.

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