IFSTAL Launch!

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We launched IFSTAL as it enters its second year on the 18th of October 2016. We had gatherings at Warwick, Reading and Oxford Universities, as well as a joint event at City, University of London, with LCIRAH. We estimate that about 250 people attended the launches all together – for those who did, thanks for coming and we hope you had a good evening. For those that didn’t, here are a few photos to give you a flavour of what we got up to.


In Oxford we had a stand-up-sit down round of introductions. Here are the MSc students in the room standing up and introducing themselves. We were pretty surprised to find that in response to the question, ‘have you ever been to an abattoir’, at least 7 people stood up – audience members had visited them in Puerto Rico, the Pacific Islands, Namibia and the UK.


In Warwick the evPeople networking at the Warwick Launchening kicked off with brief introductions from and networking with workplace visitors from WRAP, Coventry Fair Share and Innovation for Agriculture among others.



Reading students sitting in a lecture theatre





Reading launched with good representation from the schools of Agriculture, Policy and Development (APD), Food and Nutritional Sciences (FNS), and the School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences (SAGES), among others – over 80 students attended the event!


London students sitting in a lecture theatre



In London the livestreaming was followed by a panel discussion between Professor Jane Dixon at City, Professor Peter Mollinga from SOAS/LCIRAH and Professor Bhavani Shankar at SOAS and RVC – a great mix of experience in sociology, applied economics, development studies and public health, all reflecting on the role of interdisciplinarity.